Domain name Registration advice.

Domain name Registration advice.

Postby Robb » Sat Sep 12, 2009 10:41 pm

Just wanted to put this out their for the people that are equally as smart as me... Here is a list of things you should not do when you register a domain name:

1. Change your password registered with your registrar to something really obscure that no-one will ever be able to guess.
2. Have the domain set to automatically renew on a credit card that has long since expired.
3. Have the domain registered with an email address that relates to that domain: ie. domain @

So, our domain name was up for renewal last week, and when the registrar tried to register it, my old credit card company rejected the charge, so the registrar immediately nuked the domain. No problem, I'll just log in and update my credit card information... what the heck was that password again? I remember it was about 16 characters long, and had a #, ~, and a big mixture of Uppercase, lowercase, and numerical characters in it. I know I have it around here somewhere.

I guess I'll just have them reset the password and email me a new one. Didn't get to the inbox, must be in the spam folder. Nope not there. Wonder which email server stopped the "super malicious, Viagra selling, Male Enhancement, low cost prescription drug, discount med, designer watch, hot girls want to meet me tonight" email that contains my new password... oh shit, none of them... it was sent through the domain.

So, long story.... well still long, Thankfully I still use one of the more expensive registrars ( that actually cares about the client. A couple emails later and some proof I am who my parents tell me I am, The domain is now back up and running.

So, post fast, and post hard... We've got a weeks worth of content to get up right away so we can stay on top and remain calling ourselves "Canada's leading source for all Claimer Information!" Okay, I made that up, but we still are pretty damn cool.

Cheers and welcome back!
Robb Leece
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